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VoIP Call Termination

VoIP Call Termination

Nextelle can assist you with your call termination requirements, if you have a phone system which could be a traditional PBX or a VOIP system in your business you will require either VOIP, PSTN or ISDN call termination and this is where we can assist you by offering you very cheap and competitive call rates.

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Upgrade your business telephone line to VoIP today!

At Nextelle we have our very own business-grade VoIP network. We terminate calls into local infrastructure, ensuring low latency and high availability. We also use the industry-standard SIP protocol and our service is compatible with almost any SIP handset/ATA/gateway device available.

Nextelle specializes in helping businesses to migrate their business phone lines to VoIP. Whether it is installing a new native VoIP PBX with new SIP handsets, or adapting your existing PBX to use VoIP lines, we have solutions to suit almost any business. Our business telephone line VoIP solutions can cater to businesses with anywhere from 2 to 2,000 staff.

Saving money on your phone bill has never been easier with our competitive call rates.

Virtual PBX

With the explosion of Broadband availability across the country, many businesses are now taking advantage of hosted (or “Virtual”) PBXs. Any business with less than 30 staff should seriously consider a Virtual PBX.


What is a Virtual PBX?

A Virtual PBX system is just like a traditional PBX, except the PBX equipment is hosted at Nextelle ‘s data center and your telephone handsets connect to the PBX equipment over a dedicated DSL internet link to your office(s) using Voice over IP (VoIP). This significantly reduces your upfront costs for the PBX, as the PBX unit itself is owned and maintained by Nextelle! You simply purchase your handsets and your DSL line, and start using your new PBX immediately! It also significantly reduces your line rental costs, as your multiple lines are now delivered over a single DSL connection!

Is a Virtual PBX the right fit for my business?

Our Virtual PBX solutions are suitable for businesses with anywhere from 1 to 30 staff. They are also perfectly suited to businesses with multiple office locations, or for businesses with staff who work from home. With only the one Virtual PBX and with DSL connections to each office, businesses can now take advantage of the many benefits of having office phones at all office locations connected to the same Virtual PBX, such as making free calls between locations using 3 digit extension numbers.

All the standard PBX features exist with Virtual PBXs, including IVRs, voicemail, call transfer, call hold, call queuing, music on hold and much more.

Nextelle has the following Virtual PBX plans available, however, we can also tailor a solution to suit your organization.