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Virtual Phone numbers in USA

USA phone numbers are our best selling international virtual phone numbers in our entire portfolio. The amount of companies who are using our services to break into the USA market is huge. Most people who use our numbers are either trying to sell services into the USA or already have clients in the USA that they want to protect by giving them a local number to call.

Benefits of International Virtual Numbers

  • Virtual phone numbers are set up on the same day of purchase providing we have the city number in stock.
  • You can point your virtual number to any USA landline or international landline.
  • You can change where your virtual number is pointed to using our online tool.
  • The minimum term for a number is 1 month meaning you can have a local presence to test the market for a very short period.
  • We fully itemise all calls received so that you know who has been calling you on your virtual number.

Top 3 reasons why people buy USA and International Virtual Numbers:

  • They are selling services in a different country and want to make their customer feel as if they are based locally.
  • They want to give the impression that they have multiple offices in Asia, USA and Europe – but they are based in a small office in London.
  • They want to test market a customer base in a different country and the test will be more successful if a local number is provided.

Breaking into the American market has always been difficult to do but once you have cracked it the rewards are vast. The American people are very proud of their nation and most of the population will only buy from American companies. If you are a UK business trying to sell your services into New York then you will struggle if you don’t have a USA phone number.

This is where our USA phone numbers break down the barriers to enter the largest commercial market in the world.

If you are not looking for a local phone number in the USA and would prefer to have a USA toll free number then please click here USA Toll Free Number.

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Virtual Phone numbers in Australia

Australia phone numbers are a very popular choice in our portfolio (next to USA phone numbers). The beauty of having a phone number in Australia is the fact that there is no language barrier at all. You may have to extend your working week if you want to set up your services in Australia.

Most of our customers who use us for Australia phone numbers take services in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth as these are the major towns across the country, Companies use Australia phone numbers to either support an existing customer base or to market into new international customers. Having a phone number in say Sydney would make people believe that you have an office in that city. If they think that you are local then you are more likely to get an enquiry.

To buy a phone number in Australia simply select your city and follow the online process. Your Australia phone number will be up and live before you know it!
About virtual phone numbers in Australia

Buy virtual landline numbers in Australia and have them pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone.

  • Quick set up (same day if we have stock of the city you need).
  • 30 days minimum term (monthly rolling contract).
  • Perfect service if you are looking to sell your products in another country and you want to look local.
  • Ideal if you already have customers abroad and you want to provide them with a local number to call you rather than dialling international numbers.
  • People buy from local companies. It doesn’t matter now that you could be 10,000 miles away.

We supply thousands of international virtual numbers to both small and large companies all over the world. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding setting up a number.

Look global with one of our local numbers!

Order virtual local numbers in Australia by choosing your local city above.

The country code for Australia phone numbers is +61 and due to the country being so vast they have split it up into 4 geographic regions.

The length of a telephone number in Australia is usually 10 digits long and all numbers Free phone numbers (or Australia toll free numbers as Australians call them) start with the digits 1800 (similar to those in the USA)